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World time clocks in any size with 24 fancy styles for Windows desktop for all time zones that can be selected
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Axel Seeger (Bitlein Software)
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10 July 2014

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This software provides a set of analog clocks for the desktop.

If you need to keep track of time in multiple time zones, here is a solution. This application will let you set up multiple analog clocks for each of the zones you want to track. AM/PM indication can be created in digital that show up on the analog faces of the clocks. It could be an animated image of sun moving around the world. If you like fancy analog clock faces, there are 24 designs to choose from. You can set up any number of clocks for your desktop depending on how many regions you would like to track. Simply choose the time zone for the region. A time label can be created for each of the clock. Sound alarms could be configured easily. All the designs of the clocks are available as images. Simply click on the image to enlarge them. With BClock styles there are 24 designs. You can select one clock style for each time zone you want to represent on the Windows desktop.

You will be able to configure a group of multiple clocks with different or with identical styles. All of the clock styles of BClocks combine the main style elements, such as light/dark, black/white/colored with high contrast to provide a stylish look. A world map could be used to do the time zone selections. You can accommodate any number of clock faces on the desktop. The number actually accommodated depends on the size of the clocks of course. Clock time is adjusted simply by moving a mouse over a map. You can elect to have the clock face hidden or in the foreground. They can even be visible once an hour. This is a good tool.

Publisher's description

Bitlein BClocks can show any number of analog world time clocks in any size on your Windows Desktop with 24 different clock styles. Because of the sophisticated styles these clocks are real eye catchers and are of interest to any Windows user who wants to have the time of different time zones in view or simply like fancy clocks.
The clocks can be operated intuitively, reside on the Windows desktop and stay in the background while the user is working with other programs. However, if needed, the user can get the clocks very quickly into the foreground by a mouse gesture. If configured, the clocks can also automatically appear in the foreground every full hour.
Size, arrangement and position can easily be set by simple mouse operations. The maximum clock size is only limited by the size of the screen.
As a special feature, BClocks offers an AM/PM indicator in two versions. The user can either select a sun revolving the globe once a day or a small digital clock to be displayed on the dial of the analog clocks.
For each clock an individual style can be chosen from a palette of 24 clock styles. The time zone for the clocks can be selected via a large world map that contains all the time zones of the world. According to the configured time zone each clock contains a caption that can be adapted with a user-defined text. With the help of the menu clocks can easily be added or removed.
Similarly, as real wall clocks, at certain adjustable time points (e.g. half/full hour) the clocks produce pleasant sounds that can also be turned off if needed.
Regular updates are possible manually or automatically (adjustable). A support page with FAQs is available on the manufacturer's site.
Version 1.0.71
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